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KANOTIX Excalibur 2009 Preview Posted by : caillean on Sunday, December 27, 2009 - 08:12 PM
Release Notes Dear Kanotix community!

Yes, Kanotix is still alive, Kano is working on a new release.

The new release will base upon Debian-Lenny and it will contain a lot of new packages like

* Kernel BFS patched
* Kde 3.5.10
* Openoffice 2.4.1 (im ooo3 iso 3.1.1 mit den Paketen von
* Grub2 (1.97 beta 4)
* Wicd
* Wine 1.1.35
* Iceweasel 3.0.6 (xulrunner
* Icedove
* Kanos scripts for installing the nvidia and ati drivers
...and many more...

Who wants to test Excalibur right now can download one iso containing openoffice 3.1.1 here:
Excalibur OOO3 2009 32 bit

This is a hybrid-iso which can be written on cdrom or onto an usb-stick.
creating a bootable usb-medium

Other versions are available in the IRC.

To access hd partitions execute:
kdesu konqueror media:/
and press on refresh button

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KANOTIX 2007 Thorhammer RC7 released Posted by : Adapter on Tuesday, January 01, 2008 - 03:23 PM
Release Notes Jörg Schirottke (Kano) has released KANOTIX 2007-Thorhammer-RC7

- Kernel 2.6.24 (Ubuntu Kernel with Modifikations and some patches)
- ACPI and DMA enabled by default (can be disabled with acpi=off and nodma respectively)
- i586 optimization - not for use with older CPUs!
- 192 MB RAM required, 256 MB RAM recommended
- Acritox Installer - install program with many new functions from Andreas Loibl
- Actual Kanotix Theme from Cathbard
- Xorg 7.1.1, Beryl 0.2.0, VDR 1.5.2, ALSA 1.0.14, ndiswrapper 1.50
- aufs/ unionfs support (with aufs/unionfs cheat), GParted 0.3.3 with ntfs resize
- NTFS-3g used by default
- KDE 3.5.5a, Openoffice 2.0.4, Amarok 1.4.8, K3b 0.1.4
- Iceweasel, IceDove Mail/News Client, GIMP 2.2.13
- Automatic installation of graphic-drivers with nvidia and fglrx options
parameters are allowed for the known scripts, samples: nvidia=ar or fglrx=v:7-11

If the RC7 is not starting on your PC take the RC6C release its in the same path, the difference is the Kernel!
Hint: In order to install RC7 on sdX10 or higher you need to update installer: su; fix-unionfs; apt-get update; apt-get install acritoxinstaller expect hotfix release soon.

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