Networking - DHCP disable for Dial-up users

aking469 - 14.06.2006, 03:39 Uhr
Titel: DHCP disable for Dial-up users
Both my laptop and desktop have been slow to boot. And, I kept noticing the attempts to connect to a LAN using DHCP. I stumbled around in the forums tonight and noticed that I could used the newtwork card configuration tool, in the Kanotix section of the K menu, and blank out the addresses and disable the DHCP. Once that was done I rebooted...much faster. My dial-up still works. Haven't tried the wireless on the laptop yet...maybe tomorrow.

For many of us dial-up is still our primary internet mode.

Hope this helps someone.
schnorrer - 14.06.2006, 13:06 Uhr
Titel: DHCP disable for Dial-up users
you can give your lancards a static IP from the private pool. I.e.: eth0 192.168.x.y mask and WIFI0 192.168.x.z mask

The bootprocess is also faster.
Zode - 15.06.2006, 03:12 Uhr
I use a network connection with DHCP most of the time, but when I am not connected to a network, during boot when I see the DHCP DISCOVER come up, I hit Ctrl-C to stop it and the boot process continues without delay.
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