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the Wiki of the Debian Distribution KANOTIX

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>:blau:Kanotix 64:blau:

>:blau:General things about Linux and Kanotix: :blau:
- Kanotix 2005-01 Snapshots
>- Kanotix 2005-03 Snapshots - Part 2
- What you should know to understand the answers in the forum
- xdelta Patch
- Tips and links for Linux beginners
- General list of Linux commands
-Links of interest to Kanotix users
- Internet-Cafe?Adapting Kanotix without remastering
- Linux at a glance for windows converts
- The first 3 days in Linux of a Windows user

>:blau:Installation and booting: :blau:
- Basic installation and Troubleshooting
- Using the most current Kanotix installer
- Kanotix on a HP Compaq nc8000 laptop
- Booting Kanotix from a USB stick
- Parameters (cheatcodes) for starting?
- Kanotix BH6+7 stops with CD boot of CD - the error 21
- Information about the grub boot manager
- Grub after-install
- Which packages are on hold?
- Swapfile (on old hardware with little RAM and a free partition)
- Downgrading from SID/Unstable to Sarge/Testing
- Enhancement-scripts - List of scripts (not being updated!)
- Kanotix kernel updates
- Kanotix Installation Notes for 2005-04

- HD SamsungSP1614N
- Correcting defects in menu colors
- X-server refused --> solutions
- Odd behaviour with netselect-apt and apt-get

- Problems with system time and BIOS clock
- Problems with nvidia 6629
- Empty Fluxbox Menu?

- Samba Configuration
>- Installing NIS
- Keeping the system clock synchronized with the atomic clock
- NFS-Server (Data exchange between different computers)?
- Installing ICA Client for Citrix Metaframe
- AVM Fritz
>- So you come on the Internet with Bluetooth and BlueFritz! Ap-DSL!
>- Tips and problems with Fritz!DSL from AVM?
>- With Bluetooth and BlueFritz! ISDN on Internet?
- Computers coded remote control (aka Remote Desktop)?
- Installing an FTP server?
- Installing phpbb2?

>- Keeping Wlan configuration with each start
>- Installing D-Link W-LAN cards?
>- Configuration of D-Link DWL-122 (USB)?
>- W-LAN cards with Windowsdrivers?
- Setting up a private network with (and without) a router

- Old-Kernel cleanup
- apt - The Debian packages manager
>- Installing Debian packages with APT
>- (additional) APT Sources
>- Solving problems: apt-get dist-upgrade?
- Making .deb files installable
- Setting the root password back or becoming root
- Automatically start programs after rebooting
- Fixing problems after KDE update?
- Automatizing with Cron?
- Saving and Recovering KMail data
- How do I remove LVM
- How to become a superuser, to change config files?
- Num-Lock/ Number block with each start on/out?
- List of services, which are started after a new install
>-Simplify commands with Alias?
>-Using aptitude instead of apt-get

-Encrypting Filesystems?

>:blau:Software Tips::blau:
-The favourites of the wiki-users?
-Setting up the Ding english-german dictionary
-Installing Java development environment (IDE)
-ACPI and CPU monitoring with Superkaramba?
-Overview of file extensions?
-nxclient notes?
-Installing Eclipse on a hard disk installation of Kanotix
-Installing Nessus on a hard disk installation of Kanotix
-Ripping OGGs & MP3s with Konqueror?
-Changing Resolution
-Using two monitors (nvidia)?
-Using DVB cards?
>-Starting Nexus with BH7?
-Synaptics Touchpad Installation
-ATI IGP Direct Rendering with Kanotix
-Scanner works only as root
-Embedded Kanotix?
-ATI IGP Direct Rendering on Kanotix - mini-HOWTO

>:blau:Kanotix HD-Install Tuning::blau:
>-Colored boot messages

>:blau:Live CD and From Image::blau:
-Union file system unionro unionrw
-grow-knoppix clone your custom kanotix
-fromhd fromiso



:blau: >
- Tunderbird & Firefox Profile Sharing Between Win & Linux?
- Opera_EN

>:blau: About the Wiki::blau:
- It is urgently needed that everyone contributes to the development of this Wiki by adding here meaningful and interesting information, comment or any other advice or reference they can bring in. You can get instructions on how to create and change in the ShortWikiHowTo?; HowtoUseAWiki? gives somewhat more details and to practice and test your Wiki abilities you can use the sandbox.
-And finally there are the TextFormatting? functions.

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